21 December 2013

My Everyday Breakfast

When it comes to breakfast I like to keep it the same everyday. I don't know why but it just works for me. The only time I would change my breakfast is if I'm in a rush (so I grab a Belvita bar) or if it's a weekend (Big breakfast time). 
I've been eating this combination for about 4 months now and I can honestly say that I don't get hungry early. I usually eat this around 8 and start to get peckish around 1. Whereas when I eat a bowl of Coco Pops I tend to get hungry after an hour. So here's a few snapshots of what I eat and how I make it :)


What you'll need:
- Green Tea
- Peanut Butter
- Banana
- Wholemeal Seeded Bread
- Butter*
- Manuka Honey*

(* - Not necessarily needed, just for my taste buds to be happy) 

Toast your seeded bread. A little bit of butter (not actually needed) and a ton of peanut butter. Smooth not chunky!

Slice up some ripe bananas so it will fit on your toast.

Place your sliced bananas on your bread. Be messy with it or be a neat freak like me and put it in rows. Oh and we can't forget the green tea. I add the smallest amount of honey just to cut out the bitterness. Leave to brew for about 2 minutes and then take the tea bag out. If I'm having a long day at uni or just having a busy day I make sure I put a few almonds on the side to as they help to keep cravings to a minimum during the day.

 Now sit back, eat your peanut buttered bananas with almonds and sip on your lovely hot green tea.


- kristalovesx -

19 December 2013

Review -Sleek Ultra Matte V2 Palette

Look what I got my hands on!

I'm not the one for shimmery colours and glitter. I'm very much into dark colours and they have to be matte. Even when I'm putting my foundation, contour and even blush, I prefer it to be all Matte. It's just what I find to be beautiful.

1. Orbit
2. Ink
3. Highness
4. Noir
5. Dune
6. Pillow Talk
7. Thunder
8. Maple
9. Flesh
10. Paper Bag
11. Villan
12. Fern

Now for the review. 

Pigmentation: Amazing
Variety of colour: Enough dark shades and light shades to create a smokey effect for day or night.
Price: £7.99 (works out to be 0.67p for each eyeshadow. BARGAIN.)
Where can I buy it: http://www.superdrug.com/sleek-makeup/sleek-makeup-ultra-mattes-pallette-dark/invt/452857
Verdict: I love it, even though I'm not a huge eyeshadow person.

I am sure to buy other palettes like the 'Shadow Storm' and the 'Au Naturel'. Perfect shades for day and evening, just be careful on the colour combinations you choose.

- kristalovesx -

15 December 2013

Toiletry Haul

Most of my skincare toiletries were running out, so a little trip to Superdrug was in order. I don't know why I choose Superdrug over Boots all the time. But anyways let's see what I bought.

I was only supposed to get skincare things but I did sneakily buy two make up products. I did try very hard to just buy what I needed.

After the amount of times I've changed my skincare routine is unbelievable. I used to get acne only on my forehead which was annoying. Once I changed my product from Simple to Garnier I noticed such a HUGE difference. I only used Simple because it was gentle enough for my sensitive and dry skin. Plus using the the Overnight clearing serum and Witch's skin clearing primer has helped to reduce the redness and soreness of spots. I'm not saying that my spots just disappear completely but there is a significant difference in the size and colour. It makes it easier to conceal too.

We all need silky soft skin and this helps a lot. My legs are so much softer because of this. Protects my skin during the cold winter days and helps to prepare the skin for the December parties!!

I make my dentist happy by using these two products, morning and night. I do love a pearly white smile. Say cheeeeseeeee.

I have an excuse for the mascara. I was actually running out of my other one. But I just really wanted to get at least one shade of the Apocalips. I just had to. Perfect shade for the upcoming parties.

I'm thinking of doing a skincare post soon, what do you think? Any other posts that you'd want to see from me?

- kristalovesx -

30 November 2013

OOTD - Black and Berry

Jacket - Matalan
Fur Shrug/Collar - Primark
Jumper - Select
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins
Boots - Primark

So here is my first OOTD. It's my slouchy effortless look with a bit of glam. My boots and leather jacket are such staples in my wardrobe, it's so easier to style them up. I've paired my leather jacket with a woolly jumper to keep me warm and a slightly ripped jeans that I got on sale. To add a bit of glam I added on a fur shrug/collar thing rather than a scarf. I find that the fur just adds something extra to the whole outfit.

Should I do more OOTD for uni? Let me know.

- kristalovesx -

p.s Here is a picture of me mucking around to make you smile.

26 November 2013

NOTW - Barry M's Raspberry

Christmas is almost upon us so you know what that means! Festive red nails! Ok I know it's a bit early but still, I love to be in a Christmas mood. I've already started singing Jingle Bell Rock and Silent Night (even though I don't know all the words to them) oops. So to get in the festive mood I'm currently wearing Barry M's Raspberry(£2.99). I have a bit of a problem with this colour, for some reason my bottle shows a lighter shade than others in the shops. But it oxidizes to become a much deeper red, which suits me perfectly. 

It also comes to show that you don't need such elaborate nail art design to make your nails look all festive. But I might be trying out some festive nails soon. Comment below if you want me to show you my different options to creative your festive nails this season. 

- kristalovesx -

3 November 2013

Review -Maybelline 24Hr Colour Tattoo

I know I'm a bit late but I recently got these three amazing eye shadow's from the Maybelline Colour Tattoo range. I got them in the shade 'On and On Bronze', 'Pomegranate' and 'Permanent Taupe'. They were also on a 3 for 2 deal in Boots. Individually they are £4.99. 


I actually bought these shades is because they can easily be worn everyday. The On and On Bronze can be used as an inner eye highlight, the Pomegranate as a base shade and the Permanent Taupe as a blending shade. A good autumnal night out look. 
The colour pay off is actually amazing. Very creamy and full of colour. Apparently they are also a good dupe for the MAC Paint Pots. Affordable and amazing. 

As you can see, in photo's the colour is still vibrant and doesn't get lost. I don't know how more highly I can talk about it haa. Let me know what colour you've tried and recommend, I think I need to get the Eternal gold as this can be another alternative highlight for the eyes.

- kristalovesx -

14 October 2013

What's on my bedside table?

I've always had this thing where I need my bedside table to be neat and minimal. I hate the cluttered look, plus having it all neat just gives a dash of maturity. As you can see I've only got my essentials. Such as my books and a few products.

I've got a small selection of magazines and a book. I love reading my book before bed. It calms me down and I become relaxed and ready for bed. The magazines are there when I need something to do when having my cuppa tea. Plus I need a few ideas for some outfits for the cold early mornings to uni. 

Now for the products ...

Before bed I like to rehydrate my lips, eyes and hands. Carmex is my number one love for lips, apart from the Baby Lips. Then I hydrate my eyes with Simple's Soothing Eye Balm. This is the best eye cream that I have used. I usually get a flaky patch above my eye, but this has helped to clear it up. I've also got my Jergens Ultra Healing Body Cream, which I used for my hands to keep them soft, soft, soft. The smell reminds me of old people but I like it aha. 

What's on your bedside table?

- kristalovesx -

9 October 2013

NOTW - H&M's Nerd

With the autumn weather coming, you'd think I'd go for the tradition dark nails. But no no no, I went for the classic nude nails. It's hard finding that perfect nude nail for yourself. They are either too pale or too pink.  I've compared it to Barry M's Lychee (review) and I found that the H&M had a warmer tone to it, but it does lack the glossy-ness of the Barry M. This nude is so perfect. You can get this shade and many others for £2.99.

- kristalovesx -

p.s. sorry 'bout the chipped nail :(

6 October 2013

Don't you love magazine freebies? - October 2013

Another month, another freebie! This month I purchased the InStyle magazine as it was only £2. Plus it came with a few Ren Skincare products. I've always heard great reviews of Ren's skincare so of course I had to go buy it! This month's magazine comes with a Day Cream, Eye Gel and a Cleansing Milk. I always wanted to invest in a eye cream or gel, so this may be the perfect opportunity. 
Also, one of the magazine's articles it about Expert Beauty Tips, which is another reason why I bought this magazine. YAY. 

Also Marie Claire's freebie this month is a sample of their L'Occitane hand cream. There's 4 to collect, but I have my eyes on the Subtle Violet hand cream. Need to prepare my hands for the cold winter days.

- kristalovesx -

2 October 2013

Review - Maybelline Baby Lips

I know I haven't been blogging a lot, it's due to the start of my new course at university. So bear with me if I don't post for a while. Let's get back to the post ...


So I went to Superdrug guys. I know, it's a weakness. So yeah, I went to Superdug and got myself two more Baby Lips. YAY. They are the softest and smoothest lipbalm that I have ever used. I've been using the Intense Care for a while now and it's almost running out. I've noticed such a different in the softness of my lips when using the Intense Care. 

Cherry Me and Peach Kiss are the new additions to my life. Both are so moisturising and they both have slight tints to the lip. I don't know what else to say apart from them being so amazing! Get them now. You're missing out if you don't. Throw away the Vaseline and by yourself some Baby Lips.

- kristalovesx -

18 September 2013

My Everyday Face

I love looking at other bloggers and other Youtubers everyday face. Just seeing all the different product people use and how they apply it. I have taken a few pictures to show you what I used on a daily basis. 

It looks like quite a lot but I use them in moderation of course.

I recommend getting the Sleek Contour Kit!! They have three shades to choose from, so you can get the right shade for you. Just remember to blend, blend and blend :)

So many mascaras have come and go but L'Oreal's Volume Million Lashes will always be the one that I run back to. The consistency stays the same for many months and helps create a fanned out lash look.

I use two separate concealers, I use the Fit Me concealer for the inner part of my eyes and the Revlon for any blemishes as it's a medium coverage.

Heather Shimmer is a perfect shimmery nude, perfect for an Olive skin tone. I have on and off days about this lipstick as I prefer a Matte lipstick and this lipstick has a subtle shimmer and gloss.

If you want to see an actual photo of me wearing these lovely items, I should post one up soon.

- kristalovesx -

8 September 2013

Superdrug and Matalan Haul

Hey guys, I know I haven't been the most attentive blogger. But I have been trying to think of possible blog posts that I could posts. I'd rather create well though out post's than pathetic little posts which will bore you. Ok. That's enough rambling on, let's get to it.

I took a trip to the wonderful Superdrug and Matalan and got myself a few bits and bobs. Both things I needed and didn't actually need, but ohh well :)

Here are the lovely things that I bought from Superdrug. 

I got myself two lovely bottles of hairspray. I can never go wrong with Pantene Pro-V hairspray. I've bought the VO5 hairspray before but I weren't impressed. I got the 'Volume & Body' which I can use for when I tease my roots, and the 'Extra Strong' is to hold the curls in. Superdrug is currently doing a deal, 2 for £4 so I grabbed them while they were on this offer.

YAY! I got myself a Baby Lips! From my 'September Wishlist', I told you guys that I really wanted these. I grabbed the 'Intense Care'. Guys, this is the best lipbalm if you have dry lips/cracked lips. It is so moisturising and I could just keep applying it over and over and over again. It doesn't tastes of anything or smell like anything which is a plus point for me. I got this bad boy for £2.99. But there is a deal at the moment, 2 for £5!

Mmmm who doesn't live a bit of lipgloss. I got this little beauty for £4.99. The colour is so beautiful so darker skin tones. This is in the shade Cosmic -730. It has a slight glitter so you can use it both for casual look teamed with a winged liner or a night out with a smokey eye.

I finally found a concealer that matches my skintone, in the shade Deep Foncé - 06. When I try on concealers they are either too orange or too light for my skin. I bought this concealer to conceal the little spots that appear all over my face. This was £6.99, a little pricey but I don't care seeing as it is the perfect shade!

Swatches for the Vinyl Gloss and the Colourstay Concealer.

Now for the Matalan haul. I didn't really need to buy any earrings, but they were so cheap! I got 5 pair of earrings for £2 and another for £1! How could you possibly say no?

- kristalovesx -

30 August 2013

September Wishlist

1. Millie Mackintosh's False Lashes - Shoreditch - £8.99
I've always had a major girl crush on Millie Mackintosh, so when she announced that she was coming out with her own brand of lashes, I went mad. I'm particularly drawn to the Shoreditch lashes because they remind me of the Ardell's Wispie lashes. Plus it's Millie Mackintosh, I have to buy something that is remotely connected with her. Obsessed is not the word.

2. MAC's Studio Fix Fluid - £21.50
Everyone talks about MAC Foundations are amazing and the quality and finish are flawless. I'm more of a fan of a semi matte finish because that's my preference and the Studio Fix Fluid is perfect for that. Another reason why I want to get a MAC Foundation is because of the range of colours they have, from cool shades to warmer shades. So it makes it that much easier to find your perfect shade.

3. Maybelline Baby Lips - £2.99
Now this has been the rage in the States for quite some time now. It's actually frustrating when they get beauty product's earlier than us Brits. At the moment I'm using the original Carmex and it's getting quite boring, the Baby Lip's comes in a range of smells, hydrations and shades depending on your mood. I'd prefer to get the 'Cherry Me' and 'Intense Care' for both the colour and moisture.

What is your wishlist for next month?

- kristalovesx -

27 August 2013

Barry M Gelly Nail Polish Review

If you read my Superdrug haul you'd know that I recently bought Barry M's Gelly Nail Polish in the shades 'Blood Orange' and 'Lychee'. I tried them both out for a whole week. Both colours were out of my comfort zone, the Blood Orange was very bright and the Lychee was a light shade of nude. Here are the swatches :)

Barry M. Gelly Hi-Shine in the shade 'Blood Orange'.

Barry M. Gelly Hi-Shine in the shade 'Lychee'.

What do you think guys? I'm really warming up to the Blood Orange rather than the Lychee. Just need to get used to them. Just the quality of these nail polishes are amazing!! So shiny and opaque. I didn't really need the clear coat afterwards, but I wanted them to last for a week. The clear polish definitely helped :)

 My next two purchases would have to be the Plum and Blackberry. What shade would you want to get?

- kristalovesx -

24 August 2013

Day Out to The Doctor Who Experience

If you didn't know already I am a massive Doctor Who fan! So the other day I took a little trip from London to Cardiff. And let me tell you, this was not a short journey. Me and my friends took a coach all the way to Cardiff, and let me tell you it wasn't a short journey. 

It took us 3 hours and 30 minutes to get there but it was worth it!

Which way to see the Daleks?



The Pandorica opens

The Silence are probably my favourite alien ever invented! They make you forget and they have sexy suits on! What's not to like?

River's belongings. I really want that book!

"All of time and space; everywhere and anywhere: every star that ever was. Where do you want to start?" - The Doctor

GIFT SHOP TIME! We spent ages in this shop. Picking things up. Putting them down. Then picking them back up again. I finally narrowed it to 4 things. 

I bought the 11th Doctor's Sonic screwdriver (because he's my favourite). I also got the spinning Tardis, the door open and it makes the take off sound and the landing sound. The little lantern also flashes! I'm actually obsessed it's really bad. I also got a little Tardis keyring because no trip is complete without a keyring!


 After our Experience, we went around Cardiff like little tourists. We got on the Ferris Wheel next to the Experience. The weather was absolutely perfect. The sky's were clear and not a cloud in sight.

The view's from the Ferris Wheel. 

Cardiff is so beautiful.

A little boat trip to the City Centre.

On the way back. London Town!!!

Beautiful full moon to finish the night.

- kristalovesx -