21 March 2014

Liebster Award

I was nominated by the lovely Lana Petrini, check her blog out it's an amazing read.
The Liebster Award is an award that gives recognition to up coming bloggers that have less than 200 followers.  

The Rules:
Write 11 different facts about yourself.
Answer 11 questions that your nominee(s) have given you.
Write 11 new questions for the people you nominate.
Pass the award onto 11 other bloggers to answer.
You must link back to the person who nominated you.
You must answer the questions given to you.
You must pick 11 nominees to answer your 11 questions you chose for them.
You cannot nominate the person who nominated you.
You must contact the nominees that you have nominated.

Facts about me:
1.My birthday is coming up soon ;) (pssst it's 31st March)
2. I used to have really curly hair and now it's turned all wavy cos I've straightened it too much. Oopsy
3.I'm allergic to most fruits. WHY ME!
4. I have a cat called Skittles.
5. I hate Summer time. Just hate getting tanned.
6. I'm a sucker for reality shows (KUWTK, TOWIE and MIC)
7. I'm a British Mauritian
8. I procrastinate a lot. Like a lot.
9. I have a phobia of Snakes.
10. I'm currently obssessed with Pretty Little Lairs, The Originals, Twisted, Vampire Diaries and New Girl.
11. My OTP is Klaus and Caroline.

Lana's questions for me:
1. What is your favourite makeup brand?
Oooo this is difficult, I think L'Oreal. They always have the best eyeliners, mascaras and foundations.
2. What is your favourite makeup product, and where is it from?
At the moment my favourite makeup would have to be L'Oreal's Volume Million Lashes. It separates and adds volume and length to my lashes. You can put on so many coats and it won't clump. Get it now aha.
3. What is your favourite quote?
"All of time and space; everywhere and anywhere; every star that ever was. Where do you want to start?" - The Doctor
4. Favourite YouTuber
Emma's Rectangle. Her videos are funny and easy to follow, make sure you subscribe to her Rectangle family.
5. What was a great moment in your life?
Greatest moment would have to be going to see The Script in concert in 2013. My friends bought the ticket for my birthday. It was my first ever concert and it was just amazing. The Script are amazing. I don't think I could ever forget it. Amazing moment.
6. What is your passion?
My passion is probably my blog. I know that's typical but I love finding out about new products, writing reviews and finiding other blogs out there that aren't that acknowledged.
7. What is your favourite makeup item that you loved all year?
Sleek Contour Kit in Medium. It creates such a natural contour and it's really good quality, what else could you want.
8. How did you meet your best friend?
At school (typical)
9. How did you get into blogging?
I love reading other people's blogs like Tanya Burr and Clouds and Cuticle Oil and I thought that I could do that. I love giving my opinions out to people especially on beauty products. 
10. What can't you leave your house without?
My phone. It's my life.
11. What is a good advice that you would like to share?
Wear SPF. Always.

My Questions:
1. What's your favourite makeup brand?
2. What's your favourite fashion store?
3.Why did you start blogging?
4.You have 10 minutes to run out the door, what makeup products do you put on your face?
5.Top bun or Messy bun?
6.Favourite film?
7. OTP? (One True Pairing)
8.Tea, Coffee or Latte?
9.Dream Job?
10.Where do you want to travel next?
11. Turn on and turn off?

I nominate: 

I was so excited to fill out this post, it's nice to do something different. 

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- kristalovesx -

20 March 2014

Empties #1

I haven't done a post like this before, but let's give it a try. I thought as well as beauty and skincare products, I should put a non empty product just to mix things up a bit.

Pantene Pro V Extra Strong Hairspray (£3.69) - If you remember my haul from a while while while back in September, you know that I bought two different types of hairspray. I thought this one would be the hairspray would hold any curl in place, turns out it doesn't. Well not for my hair anyway. But I still tried to use it all up to its very last drop. I wouldn't purchase this one again though.

Max Factor False Lash Effect (£10.99) - This mascara is amazing!! Especially in the waterproof version. I wore this whilst swimming and it holds up and does not flake at all. But you do need a good make up remover to get this off. Preferably something oily like the Botanics Eye make up remover. Definitely need to repurchase this after I finish my Maybelline's Big Eye Mascara.

Witch Skin Clearing Primer (£6.99) - I LOVE this. If you get spots frequently and need something to calm it down and reduce the size and redness, get this. I apply this before my make up on days I get breakouts and I sometimes use it before bed to just to calm down the spots. It really does work. Definitely another repurchase.

MUA's Fixing Mist (£5) - I know fixing mists are supposed to be used for after you finish applying all of your make up. But I find that using it to wet or dampen your make up sponge works better rather than using water. It's just another reassurance that your make up will stay put before you after your powder, blusher and all that jazz.

Maybelline's Baby Lips in Intense Care (£2.99) - Another amazing product, I've literally scraped every last bit of this lip balm. It's a must have for me. I also did a little review previously, make sure you check that too.

Last but not least, GREEN TEA! Twinings in Mango and Lychee (£1.59) - I can't get enough of this flavour, it's so sweet and comforting. Perfect with my breakfast, after my lunch and after dinner for ease of digestion aha. It's healthy and helps with burning fat as well. 

So that sums up my empties for now, I might do this after every time I get a significant amount of empty products rather than every month. What do you guys think?

- kristalovesx -

16 March 2014

NOTW - Sinful's VOODOO

Sorry for not posting this week, just been busy with university things and family. Anyways, onto the post. I have been feeling quite grungy and gothic recently, which is weird as it's been amazingly sunny this week.

Diamond Midi Ring - River Island - £2

I personally think that black nail polish looks better with longer nails but it still works with short too. I think I might add a matte top coat just to have something different rather than it being glossy all the time. What do you think?

Have a lovely week :)

- kristalovesx -

7 March 2014

February Favourites '14

It's March. It's nearly my birthday! Woooo. Right onto the favourites.

So my favourite foundation this month has actually been a BB Cream. I bought the wrong shade I bought a shade lighter. But it actually blends out evenly and gives a glow to the skin. Retails for £12.00 at The Body Shop.

Favourite power to set my face with is the Sleek's Suede Effect in the Shade 02. It has an almost velvety feel to the touch and creates a matte finish when setting your face. You can get this at Superdrug for £6.99.

Next on the list is my favourite eye product and this month's favourite is the Maybelline's Colour Tattoo in the shade On and On Bronze. I love using this as an inner eye highlight when having my usual winged eyeliner. It also works as a great base when doing any eye shadow combo, it's kind of an alternative to primers. Superdrug are currently doing a 3 for 2 on all Maybelline product so snatch yours for £4.99.

My favourite lip product is the Hoola lipgloss by Benefit. I've currently got the sample size which means I have to use it sparingly. It's a gorgeous shimmery nude which is perfect on a lazy day. You can get the full size on Benefit's website for £14.50. A little tip for you guys, if you are a student you can get 10% off Benefit cosmetics if you sign up to Uni-Days. ;)

Favourite brush at the moment is the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush which I have been using for my concealer under my eyes. The brush is fluffy and soft and doesn't drag the skin around, which is a plus! This brush is part of the Real Techniques set which you can get at Boots for £21.99.

Hair product timeeeee. I have no hope in getting volume in my fringe, back combing does not help at all. So I have resorted to back combing spray, which works better than dry shampoo believe it or not. I just spray it inbetween my fringe and ruffle my hair to distribute the product. and BOOM. Voluminous hair. It's on offer at Superdrug, 2 for £5, but usually sells for £3.79.

And last and not least my favourite scent. It has to be Next's Milan. This fragrance is fruity, with a floral heart and a woody base, perfect for entering spring time. It just smells so feminine without being too overpowering. I couldn't find the 100ml online but I could find the 50ml. The 50ml retails for £8.

What are your favourites this month?

- kristalovesx -

3 March 2014

My Weekly Nailcare

Nearly every Friday I always remove my chipped off nail polish and start all over again with a fresh new lick of nail polish.

Time to moisturise those hands. I'm currently using Skin therapy's Intensive Hand and Nail cream which I got for 59p in Wilkinson. Bargain.

Moisture those cuticles with a rich cuticle cream. Dot the cuticle cream on your cuticles and rub in well. Lemony Flutter is my favourite at the moment just because of the scent. It smells exactly like lemons. You can get this in Lush for £6.50.

Once the hand cream and cuticle cream have absorbed into the hands, I then use some nail polish remover over my nails. This will get rid of any oily residue left from the creams.

Top coat time. Barry M's basecoat, topcoat and nail harder is a perfect 3 in 1 clear polish. Get it in either Boots or Superdrugs for £2.99.

I'm a bit weird when it comes to cutting and filing my nails. I prefer to have my clear coat on first then cut my nails and then file them down to get rid of any sharpness. I'm currently using Tesco's emery boards because they're cheaper and they last so long. I prefer using a bigger nail cutter because then it cuts straight in one go.

- kristalovesx -