27 August 2014

Wash those dirty Makeup Brushes

Time to wash those makeup brushes. If you don't then some problems may happen

- It could be the main problem for break outs on your face.
- The colour pay-off of eyeshadows, blushes and foundation may not come out as nice as it would if the brush was on the cleaner side.
- Bacteria can transfer from makeup to brush to face, it's better to wash away and start afresh.
You don't have to necessary wash your brushes after every single use but you can spot clean, which means you can use your makeup wipes and just swirl your brush onto that. You won't get a thorough clean like with the shampoo but it will eliminate most of the product in the brush.
Let me show you how I wash my brushes. I wash my brushes every two weeks as I find doing it every week it just a bore. I prefer to wash my brushes in the kitchen because there's more room.

I've tried using Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Baby Shampoo but I found it clogged my brushes. I just stick to my trusty Johnson's Baby Shampoo. It's gentle and does the job well, it smells nice too.

First I wet my brushes in lukewarm - warm water just to get the bristles wet and ready for the wash! Make sure you have the brushes face down so no water goes into the base of the brush.

I then put a blob of shampoo on the palm of my hand and swish the brush around until all the product has been taken out. It usually takes me two blobs of shampoo just to ensure that the brushes are clean.

To dry them I hang them upside down on the Real Technique cases or I put them on a flannel over the counter. This ensures all the water is dried up from bristles and doesn't travel down to the base of the brush as this can loosen up the glue.

I find that putting a reminder on my phone helps me know when I should wash my brushes. I always tend to forget. Have you guys used anything else to wash your brushes? Any recommendations?

- kristalovesx -

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