27 August 2014

Wash those dirty Makeup Brushes

Time to wash those makeup brushes. If you don't then some problems may happen

- It could be the main problem for break outs on your face.
- The colour pay-off of eyeshadows, blushes and foundation may not come out as nice as it would if the brush was on the cleaner side.
- Bacteria can transfer from makeup to brush to face, it's better to wash away and start afresh.
You don't have to necessary wash your brushes after every single use but you can spot clean, which means you can use your makeup wipes and just swirl your brush onto that. You won't get a thorough clean like with the shampoo but it will eliminate most of the product in the brush.
Let me show you how I wash my brushes. I wash my brushes every two weeks as I find doing it every week it just a bore. I prefer to wash my brushes in the kitchen because there's more room.

I've tried using Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Baby Shampoo but I found it clogged my brushes. I just stick to my trusty Johnson's Baby Shampoo. It's gentle and does the job well, it smells nice too.

First I wet my brushes in lukewarm - warm water just to get the bristles wet and ready for the wash! Make sure you have the brushes face down so no water goes into the base of the brush.

I then put a blob of shampoo on the palm of my hand and swish the brush around until all the product has been taken out. It usually takes me two blobs of shampoo just to ensure that the brushes are clean.

To dry them I hang them upside down on the Real Technique cases or I put them on a flannel over the counter. This ensures all the water is dried up from bristles and doesn't travel down to the base of the brush as this can loosen up the glue.

I find that putting a reminder on my phone helps me know when I should wash my brushes. I always tend to forget. Have you guys used anything else to wash your brushes? Any recommendations?

- kristalovesx -

12 August 2014

Freeman Face Masks

Whenever I go to Mauritius I always like picking up my favourite brand for face masks which is the 'Freeman Beauty'. They have a lot of different types of face masks from brightening to hydrating. There are so many you just have to find the right one you want. I purchased 3 masks and I am in love. 

Charcoal and Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask - Brilliant for deep cleaning and getting rid of any dry skin flakes. A scrub and mask, 2 in 1. The only way I can describe my skin after using this would be CLEAN. My skin did slightly feel tight after using this but it did make me feel like my skin was rid of all the pollution in the air. I think this mask would be best for oily skin and it removes oil straight away after on use.
Avocado and Oatmeal Facial Clay Mask - I bought this mainly because it said Avocado and Oatmeal. Avocado and Oatmeal are the best ingredients for dry to eczema prone skin. After using this mask your skin feels soft and hydrated.
Golden Grain Facial Brightening Mask - Due to my eczema prone skin I find my skin tends to lack brightness and a glow. Even after staying in the sun for a whole day my skin looked dark rather than having a nice glow to the skin. I found that after using this my skin definitely appeared clearer rather than glowly. If you hate face masks that crack like clay masks this is the mask for you.

^This is what the mask look like when applied when dried only the Avocado mask becomes dry and crackly.

For each mask I left them on for 10 minutes max. Any longer and my skin would not thank me after. To remove them I prefer using a face towel soaked in warm to hot water. Then I place the face towel on my face and gradually wipe away. Put on your daily face cream on and you should feel that your skin has gone softer.

I haven’t seen any Freeman Beauty product in Superdrug or Boots, but you can order any Freeman product from Amazon.

Freeman have a range of products from face mask to foot scrubs. You just need to know your skin type and browse away. I’m thinking of looking into their body lotions as my skin has dehydrated after being in the warm sun of Mauritius.

- kristalovesx -

9 August 2014

Treasure each moment ...

I have been away from England for about a month. I've been away. Far far away in the Island of Mauritius. My family and ancestors come from Mauritius so it was only fair to go visit my lovely family after 4 years. I had such a great time seeing my cousins, so many girls and all roughly my age. I think my relationship with my cousin have grown so much stronger. I can never forget them.

Those pictures above are from a trip to the beach only 30 mins away from where my family lives. It was hot, sunny basically a paradise away from grubby England. (Don't get me wrong I love England and it's weather)

Now that I'm back home it's made me think about how we should treasure our family, through thick and thin. I love them so much and it was so hard to say goodbye to them especially when you've built a bond with them.

Right. I'm back. I've unpacked, I've washed my clothes and sorted out my bedroom. Ready for some posts? They'll be out soon so keep an eye out for them. Follow me on Bloglovin' or Twitter for updates.

Hope you had a lovely holiday or if you're going on holiday have fun and treasure each moment. Take loads of photographs! Here's a little selfie on the beach for you ;)

- kristalovesx -