9 August 2014

Treasure each moment ...

I have been away from England for about a month. I've been away. Far far away in the Island of Mauritius. My family and ancestors come from Mauritius so it was only fair to go visit my lovely family after 4 years. I had such a great time seeing my cousins, so many girls and all roughly my age. I think my relationship with my cousin have grown so much stronger. I can never forget them.

Those pictures above are from a trip to the beach only 30 mins away from where my family lives. It was hot, sunny basically a paradise away from grubby England. (Don't get me wrong I love England and it's weather)

Now that I'm back home it's made me think about how we should treasure our family, through thick and thin. I love them so much and it was so hard to say goodbye to them especially when you've built a bond with them.

Right. I'm back. I've unpacked, I've washed my clothes and sorted out my bedroom. Ready for some posts? They'll be out soon so keep an eye out for them. Follow me on Bloglovin' or Twitter for updates.

Hope you had a lovely holiday or if you're going on holiday have fun and treasure each moment. Take loads of photographs! Here's a little selfie on the beach for you ;)

- kristalovesx -