28 February 2014

Just a quick little post

Hey guys. hope you are all well and ok. Just wanted to let you know that I made a twitter account. I'll keep you updated on new posts and find out what you guys want to hear from me in future posts. 

Just click my name below and it'll take you to my twitter page. 

- x -

25 February 2014

Primark, H&M, River Island and MAC Haul

Here are the lovely products that I bought on my recent trip to the town centre. Let's get started with the Primark things.

Sunglasses - £2

You may think I'm silly for buying sunglasses in this weather, but it is genuinely getting sunnier. I have mostly black framed sunglasses so when I saw this brown tinted sunglasses, I immediately picked them up. These sunglasses also come with a fabric case, which is handy when you don't want to carry those bulky cases around. Thanks Primark for cheap sunglasses, it just means I can buy more. Muhaha.

Felt Tip Eyeliner - £1.50

If you didn't know, Becca Rose (YouTuber and Blogger) works with Primark. She did a recent Beauty Tutorial with just Primark makeup. It was so simple and elegant. but from the makeup look I really liked the Felt tip liner. It was only £1.50! It has a fine tip and if you use it on the side you can acheive a thicker winged look.

9 Packed Earrings - £2

I love it when Primark comes out with new earrings,, especially the 9 packed ones. My favourite ones would have to be the triangular and spiked earrings. So simple and adds an almost effortless look.

Purse - £5

My original purse was getting overloaded with cards, so I needed something that would hold 8 or more cards. I have a lot of food cards like Nandos and Subway. Mmmmm. This reptile skin purse was perfect. It had two separate places to hold coins, one at the back and another when you open the purse to reveal the cards. The gold plates add a bit of elegance to the entire purse.

Now for H&M.

Nail Polish - £2.99

NAIL PPOLISHHHHH, my favourite. This green polish is so lovely, the colour is a deep grey/green colour. You can check my NOTW post for this polish.

Necklace - £1.99

Love this necklace. It's so dainty and delicate. I can wear this with anything and it will still look good. The simplicity of it just adds elegance.

River Island time.

Midi Rings - £2

I was looking at the accessories section in River Island and found this little beauty for only £2! This is the price of something in Primark. The chevron ring gives something extra rather than it being a single round band.

MAC timeeee.

Select Moisturecover Concealer - £15

My dark circles are getting on my nerves. The Moisturecover is perfect for dry skin just like me. I got mine in the shade NW30, it matches my skin perfectly so I can use this on blemishes aswell as my dark circles. A bit pricey but worth every penny.

- kristalovesx -

20 February 2014

NOTW - H&M's Envy

Just bought this lovely green nail polish from H&M. It reminds me of Barry M's Gelly's Watermelon, but dulled down.

Midi Ring - River Island - £2

This lovely colour cost only £2.99. It has a thick brush which means it's easy to apply to your whole nail in just two swipes. I also spotted a Nail Polish in H&M called Mermaid which would be perfect to put as an accent colour on the ring finger.

What colour would you put as an accent?

Hope you are having an amazing day x

- kristalovesx -

8 February 2014

My Botanics Skincare Routine

A new year and a new skincare routine.

During the partying season, I may have neglected my skin a bit. My skin felt dull and lacked that glow you usually get after taking a hot shower or just after washing your face. I needed a product that would not strip away my skin yet remove all the makeup and dirt left on my delicate dry skin. I finally found a few products from Boots that have actually helped my skin regain that youthful glow that I had been craving.

First of all we have the oil based brightening eye makeup remover. I don't think I have ever found a product that has brighten up my dark circles whilst removing tough waterproof mascara. This would probably be my holy grail item, can't go a day without it. It genuinely removes every last trace of makeup. It may be a tad bit too oily but I think that helps in moisturising such a delicate area.

Then we have the Cleansing cream. I use this product after a face wipe just to remove any tough makeup but later go in with this. It's a light creamy consistency with a mild scent. It keep my face feeling moisturised and clean.

I never used to use a toner after my cleanser just because I thought it's an unnecessary step to keeping clean and clear skin. Although after buying it on a 3 for 2 offer I had to use it. The toner is not drying at all and defiantly removes every last dirt trapped in the pores.

I finish off my skin routine with the hydrating day cream. The smell of this is light and subtle which is perfect and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. I usually have a problem with branded day creams because my eczema prone skin is always irritated by them or it's just not hydrating enough. But after a long day at university, my skin doesn't need another layer of cream to keep me going through the day.

3 February 2014

January Favourites '14

How are we already in February?! I still remember getting excited about Christmas. Why does time fly so fast! So let's get started on my monthly favourites.

First on the list is Foundation. L'Oreal's Eau De Teint is amazing. That velvet-y feel on the skin just makes me want to apply layers upon layers. It's lightweight, leaves a powder finish and has a SPF 18. It gives such a flawless finish. I have been wearing this every day to university and I don't think I want to try any other foundations until this one finishes right to the end. 

So Maybelline's Baby Skin isn't a primer like POREfessional. This is mostly a silicone primer which smudges your pore's away. I haven't found an absolute difference between not using this primer and using it. Although I have noticed that my foundation does glide on better and blends in quicker, which is a plus for me as I don't have time to keep on blending. 

Get rid of them wrinkles. Eye Creams/Gel are a must in any girl's makeup bag. It helps when you're concealing the eyes and leaves a smooth finish. The Body Shop's eye cream is unperfumed, lightweight and de-puffs those eyes from a night out on the town. Retails for £7.00. A little steep for a basic eye gel but does the job well.

Flutter them lashes with Revlon's Lash Potion. I prefer the plastic wand when applying mascara, like the Maybelline's Rocket, but this is amazing for a bristle wand. The non-waterproof holds my lashes in place and there is no fall out whatsoever which is normally a big problem for me. I actually bought this for £5 as it was on offer after Christmas. But it's usually £9.99.

And last but not least, PERFUME! Oh and not any kind, oh no no no, it's the Katy Perry Killer Queen. Ever since buying this, it's been my scent every single day. It's sweet and mature at the same time much more mature than her first ever perfume Purr. The only thing I don't like about it is that I thought there would be some sort of holder for the perfume, just because it just lies on the table and get's in the way. Apart from that it is AMAZINGGG. Usually retails for £29.00 for the 50ml, but it's sometimes on offer in Boots so always be on the lookout.

What's been you're January Favourites and what are you looking forward too?

- kristalovesx -