3 February 2014

January Favourites '14

How are we already in February?! I still remember getting excited about Christmas. Why does time fly so fast! So let's get started on my monthly favourites.

First on the list is Foundation. L'Oreal's Eau De Teint is amazing. That velvet-y feel on the skin just makes me want to apply layers upon layers. It's lightweight, leaves a powder finish and has a SPF 18. It gives such a flawless finish. I have been wearing this every day to university and I don't think I want to try any other foundations until this one finishes right to the end. 

So Maybelline's Baby Skin isn't a primer like POREfessional. This is mostly a silicone primer which smudges your pore's away. I haven't found an absolute difference between not using this primer and using it. Although I have noticed that my foundation does glide on better and blends in quicker, which is a plus for me as I don't have time to keep on blending. 

Get rid of them wrinkles. Eye Creams/Gel are a must in any girl's makeup bag. It helps when you're concealing the eyes and leaves a smooth finish. The Body Shop's eye cream is unperfumed, lightweight and de-puffs those eyes from a night out on the town. Retails for £7.00. A little steep for a basic eye gel but does the job well.

Flutter them lashes with Revlon's Lash Potion. I prefer the plastic wand when applying mascara, like the Maybelline's Rocket, but this is amazing for a bristle wand. The non-waterproof holds my lashes in place and there is no fall out whatsoever which is normally a big problem for me. I actually bought this for £5 as it was on offer after Christmas. But it's usually £9.99.

And last but not least, PERFUME! Oh and not any kind, oh no no no, it's the Katy Perry Killer Queen. Ever since buying this, it's been my scent every single day. It's sweet and mature at the same time much more mature than her first ever perfume Purr. The only thing I don't like about it is that I thought there would be some sort of holder for the perfume, just because it just lies on the table and get's in the way. Apart from that it is AMAZINGGG. Usually retails for £29.00 for the 50ml, but it's sometimes on offer in Boots so always be on the lookout.

What's been you're January Favourites and what are you looking forward too?

- kristalovesx -

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