21 March 2014

Liebster Award

I was nominated by the lovely Lana Petrini, check her blog out it's an amazing read.
The Liebster Award is an award that gives recognition to up coming bloggers that have less than 200 followers.  

The Rules:
Write 11 different facts about yourself.
Answer 11 questions that your nominee(s) have given you.
Write 11 new questions for the people you nominate.
Pass the award onto 11 other bloggers to answer.
You must link back to the person who nominated you.
You must answer the questions given to you.
You must pick 11 nominees to answer your 11 questions you chose for them.
You cannot nominate the person who nominated you.
You must contact the nominees that you have nominated.

Facts about me:
1.My birthday is coming up soon ;) (pssst it's 31st March)
2. I used to have really curly hair and now it's turned all wavy cos I've straightened it too much. Oopsy
3.I'm allergic to most fruits. WHY ME!
4. I have a cat called Skittles.
5. I hate Summer time. Just hate getting tanned.
6. I'm a sucker for reality shows (KUWTK, TOWIE and MIC)
7. I'm a British Mauritian
8. I procrastinate a lot. Like a lot.
9. I have a phobia of Snakes.
10. I'm currently obssessed with Pretty Little Lairs, The Originals, Twisted, Vampire Diaries and New Girl.
11. My OTP is Klaus and Caroline.

Lana's questions for me:
1. What is your favourite makeup brand?
Oooo this is difficult, I think L'Oreal. They always have the best eyeliners, mascaras and foundations.
2. What is your favourite makeup product, and where is it from?
At the moment my favourite makeup would have to be L'Oreal's Volume Million Lashes. It separates and adds volume and length to my lashes. You can put on so many coats and it won't clump. Get it now aha.
3. What is your favourite quote?
"All of time and space; everywhere and anywhere; every star that ever was. Where do you want to start?" - The Doctor
4. Favourite YouTuber
Emma's Rectangle. Her videos are funny and easy to follow, make sure you subscribe to her Rectangle family.
5. What was a great moment in your life?
Greatest moment would have to be going to see The Script in concert in 2013. My friends bought the ticket for my birthday. It was my first ever concert and it was just amazing. The Script are amazing. I don't think I could ever forget it. Amazing moment.
6. What is your passion?
My passion is probably my blog. I know that's typical but I love finding out about new products, writing reviews and finiding other blogs out there that aren't that acknowledged.
7. What is your favourite makeup item that you loved all year?
Sleek Contour Kit in Medium. It creates such a natural contour and it's really good quality, what else could you want.
8. How did you meet your best friend?
At school (typical)
9. How did you get into blogging?
I love reading other people's blogs like Tanya Burr and Clouds and Cuticle Oil and I thought that I could do that. I love giving my opinions out to people especially on beauty products. 
10. What can't you leave your house without?
My phone. It's my life.
11. What is a good advice that you would like to share?
Wear SPF. Always.

My Questions:
1. What's your favourite makeup brand?
2. What's your favourite fashion store?
3.Why did you start blogging?
4.You have 10 minutes to run out the door, what makeup products do you put on your face?
5.Top bun or Messy bun?
6.Favourite film?
7. OTP? (One True Pairing)
8.Tea, Coffee or Latte?
9.Dream Job?
10.Where do you want to travel next?
11. Turn on and turn off?

I nominate: 

I was so excited to fill out this post, it's nice to do something different. 

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- kristalovesx -

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