3 March 2014

My Weekly Nailcare

Nearly every Friday I always remove my chipped off nail polish and start all over again with a fresh new lick of nail polish.

Time to moisturise those hands. I'm currently using Skin therapy's Intensive Hand and Nail cream which I got for 59p in Wilkinson. Bargain.

Moisture those cuticles with a rich cuticle cream. Dot the cuticle cream on your cuticles and rub in well. Lemony Flutter is my favourite at the moment just because of the scent. It smells exactly like lemons. You can get this in Lush for £6.50.

Once the hand cream and cuticle cream have absorbed into the hands, I then use some nail polish remover over my nails. This will get rid of any oily residue left from the creams.

Top coat time. Barry M's basecoat, topcoat and nail harder is a perfect 3 in 1 clear polish. Get it in either Boots or Superdrugs for £2.99.

I'm a bit weird when it comes to cutting and filing my nails. I prefer to have my clear coat on first then cut my nails and then file them down to get rid of any sharpness. I'm currently using Tesco's emery boards because they're cheaper and they last so long. I prefer using a bigger nail cutter because then it cuts straight in one go.

- kristalovesx -

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