15 December 2013

Toiletry Haul

Most of my skincare toiletries were running out, so a little trip to Superdrug was in order. I don't know why I choose Superdrug over Boots all the time. But anyways let's see what I bought.

I was only supposed to get skincare things but I did sneakily buy two make up products. I did try very hard to just buy what I needed.

After the amount of times I've changed my skincare routine is unbelievable. I used to get acne only on my forehead which was annoying. Once I changed my product from Simple to Garnier I noticed such a HUGE difference. I only used Simple because it was gentle enough for my sensitive and dry skin. Plus using the the Overnight clearing serum and Witch's skin clearing primer has helped to reduce the redness and soreness of spots. I'm not saying that my spots just disappear completely but there is a significant difference in the size and colour. It makes it easier to conceal too.

We all need silky soft skin and this helps a lot. My legs are so much softer because of this. Protects my skin during the cold winter days and helps to prepare the skin for the December parties!!

I make my dentist happy by using these two products, morning and night. I do love a pearly white smile. Say cheeeeseeeee.

I have an excuse for the mascara. I was actually running out of my other one. But I just really wanted to get at least one shade of the Apocalips. I just had to. Perfect shade for the upcoming parties.

I'm thinking of doing a skincare post soon, what do you think? Any other posts that you'd want to see from me?

- kristalovesx -

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