26 November 2013

NOTW - Barry M's Raspberry

Christmas is almost upon us so you know what that means! Festive red nails! Ok I know it's a bit early but still, I love to be in a Christmas mood. I've already started singing Jingle Bell Rock and Silent Night (even though I don't know all the words to them) oops. So to get in the festive mood I'm currently wearing Barry M's Raspberry(£2.99). I have a bit of a problem with this colour, for some reason my bottle shows a lighter shade than others in the shops. But it oxidizes to become a much deeper red, which suits me perfectly. 

It also comes to show that you don't need such elaborate nail art design to make your nails look all festive. But I might be trying out some festive nails soon. Comment below if you want me to show you my different options to creative your festive nails this season. 

- kristalovesx -

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