30 August 2013

September Wishlist

1. Millie Mackintosh's False Lashes - Shoreditch - £8.99
I've always had a major girl crush on Millie Mackintosh, so when she announced that she was coming out with her own brand of lashes, I went mad. I'm particularly drawn to the Shoreditch lashes because they remind me of the Ardell's Wispie lashes. Plus it's Millie Mackintosh, I have to buy something that is remotely connected with her. Obsessed is not the word.

2. MAC's Studio Fix Fluid - £21.50
Everyone talks about MAC Foundations are amazing and the quality and finish are flawless. I'm more of a fan of a semi matte finish because that's my preference and the Studio Fix Fluid is perfect for that. Another reason why I want to get a MAC Foundation is because of the range of colours they have, from cool shades to warmer shades. So it makes it that much easier to find your perfect shade.

3. Maybelline Baby Lips - £2.99
Now this has been the rage in the States for quite some time now. It's actually frustrating when they get beauty product's earlier than us Brits. At the moment I'm using the original Carmex and it's getting quite boring, the Baby Lip's comes in a range of smells, hydrations and shades depending on your mood. I'd prefer to get the 'Cherry Me' and 'Intense Care' for both the colour and moisture.

What is your wishlist for next month?

- kristalovesx -

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