3 August 2013

A week away

A few days ago, I went to Ravenstonedale for a little family trip away. Everyday we went to a different location but came back to our little rented cottage/house. Here are a few pictures from my week away.

On the road and here we go. It took about 6/7 hours to get to Ravenstonedale (with service breaks of course)

The cottage we stayed at was called Brownber House. It was the cutest cottage ever, 5 bedrooms enough for the big family. My favourite part of the cottage would be the living room, it had the biggest bookshelf with different genres. I saw some Jacqueline Wilson, J.K Rowling and even Suzanne Collins.

I can't remember if this was a Saturday or a Sunday but we went to Edinburgh! I think I go there every 2 years and it's always as beautiful as ever. Although we always tend to visit on the days that it's raining.

We also went for a drive round Lake District and just stopped every time we thought it's be interesting to visit and take pictures. I don't know why I get so excited about water flowing down a hill haa. The scenery is actually so breath taking. Beautiful.

A bit of ice cream in Windermere to keep the belly happy, so creamy and full of flavour.

JELLY BELLY!!!! How can I resisit! A pick and mix of Jelly Bellies, whaaaaaaa. This was the hardest decision ever, I didn'y know whether to go crazy with the flavour or keep it similar. I kept it simple of course, I'm no dare devil :(
My favourite would be the Lychee and Watermelon. Oh and the Cherry, can't forget the Strawberry or Tutti Fruitti! Ahhhhhh *dribble*

Lake Windermere. Perfect.

 Me casually posing. I was obsessed with these sunglasses, they remind me of Edna from The Incredibles aha

The worst part of Lake District would probably be the rain. poop. But I still manage to crack a smile.

This waterfall is absolutely amazing. We had to walk down a half mile from the car park to get to this place. The rain just dulled down the beauty of the waterfall. If you ever go Lake District make sure you visit here, beautiful.

- kristalovesx -

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