8 August 2013

A Small Superdrug Haul

Went for a cheeky little trip to Superdrug. I was only meant to get face cream and I came out with a bit more haa. My skin is currently feeling quite crap at the moment. I'm breaking out and my skin is looking quite dull. This is probably because I've been drinking too much Coca-Cola :( 

  So I have bought three face masks (99p each)  just to pamper my skin after a long day. I got two different makes of Dead Sea face masks just to see which one suited my skin properly. I also got a peel off mask because they're just fun to use aha. Does anyone else try to peel it all in one piece?

My skin is feeling rather dry due to the weather, eczema is a bitch in the summer. I use the body wash from Aveeno, it's a clear liquid and foams up when worked into wet skin. I've have no problem with the body wash, so I thought wouldn't the face cream must be good as well. Aveeno is known to be very beneficial for dry skin as it has Oatmeal. Oatmeal has soothing element which helps to relieve irritated skin. I bought the Moisturising Cream for £6.99, which is quite a bump but it's worth it due to the dryness of my skin.

I also said my skin is also breaking out so I needed a semi-heavy duty face wash to help get rid of excess bacteria which causes spots and huge breakouts. The reason why I bought this face wash is because of the Exfoliating Brush that comes with it. The soft yet ductile bristles help work with the skin and face wash and leave a clean and clear skin. I've always found that Garnier's Pure Active range works really well with my skin especially when I break out. (£5.05)

Last but not least, NAIL VARNISH! I am an addict to nail varnish especially the Barry M range. From the normal nail paint to the gellies! I found that the Gelly collection has a quite range of colours, from brights to pastels to the deep dark colours. I want to collect all of them even though some might not suit me. When I saw these two colours I was in love!! The boldness of the 'Blood Orange' was incredible I've never seen such a beautiful shade of red. Now the 'Lychee' is making me quite sceptical just because of all the swatches I've seen, have been either on a colour wheel or a paler skin tone. But it's a matter of trying it and wearing it for a while to get used to the colour. 

I'll probably buy the Plum or Pomegranate next! Get your Gelly's in Superdrug now, they're are '2 for £6' at the moment. Get it quick!!

- kristalovesx - 

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