30 July 2013

Primark Haul

Went a bit crazy in Primark the other day. I'm loving the summer collection this year, there's different trends on sale rather than just one. I've been loving graphic t-shirts at the moment with distressed jeans and some converses. The graphic tee makes the whole look rather grungy which is totally my style. But I do love adding a bit of the floral print here and there just to change things up a bit.

Two graphic t-shirts to add a bit of colour without going over board. These can be tucked in loosely into skirts or shorts for an grungy look. 
Dark Blue - £3
White - £4

Block colour top with pleather sides - £12, can be paired with dark leggings/jeans and heels

Chevron blue and beige midi dress - £13, pair it up with simple gladiators and a long necklace silver necklace.

hello there kitty :3

Blue and white striped dress - £10, would look awesome with white converses and a floral headband.

Pale blue high waited jeans, pair it up with the graphic tee's or a blouse to dress it up.

Black laser cut pumps, great with jeans as it add a bit of detailing to any simple outfit

A girl can never run out of tights!
Adding a polka dot or heart shape tights to shorts or a skirt can give a hint of innocence and girly-ness to any outfit. - £2.50. but be warned these thin tights can rip on you any minute due to the sheerness of them. Always pack another pair of tights as a spare and carry clear nail polish as adding it to a ladder can prevent it from getting any bigger. 

Frilly socks have become an obbsession of mine especially when they are worn with black chelsea ankle boots! -£2. 

What girl doesn't love to accessorise! I need to be admitted to 'AA' - Accesorise Addiction. These rings are a rusty metal, a lighter shade than gun metal. These rings came in a pack of 9 for £3!!
The best part of these rings is the different designs they each have. 

Arm Candy have been a huge hit this summer. They can be stacked with different colours and different designs. These arm candy's were only £2.50. I need to buy more of these!

I love reading other people's hauls, it lets me know that are in stores at the moment. Primark Haul's are especially my favourite as Primark don't actually have a website to show what they have in store. Although Asos have been putting a few Primark pieces online. Which makes it so useful when you don't have time to go all the way into town just to buy a few things.

- kristalovesx - 

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