19 July 2013

Don't you love magazine freebies? - July 2013

I picked up the recent edition of Marie Claire (£3.80). It came with the Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner which usually retails for about £8.

The liquid eyeliner comes in a felt tip pen form, which is probably the easiest way to apply eyeliner if you're just starting out. The fine tip makes it easy to create a sharp and defined line when creating a cat-like flick. 

Eyeko claims that the liquid eyeliner is 'smudge-proof, fade-proof and above all foolproof'. I can tell you that it is defiantly smudge proof. I usually have problem with my eyeliner as it slides down my face by the end of the night, but this actually stays on! 

The best element about this eyeliner would probably be the finish of the eyeliner, it's a semi-matte. This is a total thumbs up for me as I hate the look of a shiny eyeliner. The more matte the better.

Make sure you go get Marie Claire this month, it's so worth it.

- kristalovesx -

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