15 July 2013

TUESDAY TIP! - Clumpy or Dried out Mascara

Have you guys ever had a problem where you want to use your favourite mascara but you open it and see it all clumpy? Well don't worry, I have a solution! I have found a simple trick to make your clumpy or your nearly run out mascara become smooth and clump free. Keep reading to find out!

 Here I have my two favourite mascara's, both from Max Factor. One's the MasterPiece - High Definition Mascara and the second is my most favourite the False Lash Effect in Waterproof. I find that the MasterPiece is best suited for my bottom lashes and the False Lash Effect is best used for them night's out when make up must stay on! So it was kind of annoying when I urgently needed my MasterPiece mascara and found that it was running out, on top of that the False Lash Effect was getting clumpy. So if you have a similar problem, here's how to fix it.  


Get a glass and put a bit of tepid water, then add some boiling water. This will create a perfect temperature for the mascara to melt and break down. When adding water make sure the water doesn't reach the seal of the mascara, as water may enter it and ruin your mascara.

Leave the mascara's in the water for about 5-10 minutes, depending on the clumpy-ness of the mascara. The more clumpy the longer you leave it. 

Try not to put the mascara in boiling water as this could potentially ruin the mascara and slightly over warm it. By adding the tepid water this will allow the mascara to break down in it's own time.

Wipe off the water from the mascara packaging and you're ready to use your mascara. You can that the consistency of the mascara has thinned out, this allows me to build up my mascara without it clumping up. 

Another reason why I like doing this is because the warmth of the mascara holds the curl for a tad bit longer compared to a normal mascara.

So this was my first 'Tuesday Tip', if you like this then don't you worry, I will have a tip for you every week! 

- kristalovesx - 

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