30 June 2013

New journey

Seeing as this is my first ever post and I thought I should roughly introduce myself.

Hi my name is Krista, I’m 18 years old and about to start University in September. So I wanted to have a project that I can focus on during the long boring summer holidays. (I hate the sun you see)

I’m also addicted to the beauty, fashion and DIY blogs that are currently floating around, I could sit hours on end just reading every single blog there is. Looking through different blog you sort of pick up different ideas and inspiration to create your own blog.
So this is basically what I’m doing, I am so excited to start this journey online and I hope you’ll join along with me. (that was just pure cheese, im sorry)

I’m not an expert in makeup or a fashionista so bare with me.

I should be posting something around 1-2 posts depending on if I enough things to talk about :)

Feel free to comment and give me feedback, I only want to get better at blogging.

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