21 April 2014

ASOS Laptop Case

So I got a Macbook for my birthday and I really needed a case or a laptop bag for it. It is actually difficult to find a stylish or modern looking laptop case or bag. I started looking at retail stores because you can be surprised at what they offer. 

I came across ASOS and they had Laptop Cases. They were simple and modern even though it's supposed to be for a guy. I still bought it though. It was a good bargain, just £14! They also have another version were the straps are brown. But I prefer the whole case being one colour. My 15 inch Macbook fit's perfectly in the case with enough room to fit the charger too.

Looks good as a clutch too. Perfect for carrying around campus or just going to the library. Just need to find a bag to fit this in now ha. 

- kristalovesx -

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